Windows 7 Graphic Problems : Flaw in the Graphics Driver

If you’re using Windows 7 64 bit system, just be aware of the graphics flaw which Microsoft has issued a warning. This is a flaw in the graphics driver which is part of the windows 7 graphic problems which could compromise the stability and security of PCs, Microsoft has warned.


 Windows 7 Graphic Problems : Flaw in the Graphics Driver

The vulnerability lies in the Windows Canonical Display Driver (cdd.dll) for the 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Microsoft claims that the vulnerability only affects machines running the Aero graphics interface, and advises that customers “may choose to disable Windows Aero as a workaround to protect against potential threats” until the company releases a fix.

So what is Canonical Display Driver?

The Canonical Display Driver (cdd.dll) is used by desktop composition to blend GDI and DirectX drawing. CDD emulates the interface of a Windows XP display driver for interactions with the Win32k GDI graphics engine.

What causes this threat?

The Windows Canonical Display Driver does not properly parse information copied from user mode to kernel mode. 

What might an attacker use this vulnerability to do?

In most scenarios, an attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could cause the affected system to stop responding and automatically restart.

 Suggested Actions:

Customers can mitigate the impact to affected systems by applying the following workaround.

Workaround refers to a setting or configuration change that does not correct the underlying issue but would help block known attack vectors before you apply the update. Microsoft has tested the following workarounds and states in the discussion whether a workaround reduces functionality:

Disable the Windows Aero Theme

Disabling the Windows Aero theme prevents this issue from being exploited on affected systems.

Using the Interactive Method

To disable Windows Aero by changing the theme, perform the following steps for each user on a system:

1. Click Start, select the Control Panel, and then click on Appearance and Personalization.

2. Under the Personalization category, click on Change the Theme.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the listed themes and select one of the available Basic and High Contrast Themes. 

More information can be had from Microsoft’s security advisory.

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