Micromobs: Group messaging application

After twitter entered the filed of micro-blogging, many competitors tried to built similar applications.There are a number of group messaging applications that are catered towards business users, such as Yammert Micromobs: Group messaging application or Socialtextt Micromobs: Group messaging application. Today, Micromobst Micromobs: Group messaging application is launching a web-based group messaging app aimed towards communication within social groups among friends and family.

Micromobs, which was incubated at the Founder Institute, is designed to fill the gap for a simple group application for the masses. that connects family, volunteer organizations, poker groups, sports teams etc. Micromobs also could be ideal for group communication when planning a next trip, or organizing an event. Ajay Kamat, founder of Micromobs, says that he sees his biggest competitor as email, which is the most common threaded communication for among families and friends. Of course, people use Facebook and other social networking applications for group communications, but the application is hoping Facebook Connect will entice users to be able to use the platform and publish to Facebook at the same time. The startup is also planning to launch mobile apps in the near future.

This is the opening page of the website, www.micromobs.com.

 Micromobs: Group messaging application

After entering, you need to “join” or start your own “mob” and pick a mob url.

 Micromobs: Group messaging application You can either login with the credentials you created or using “facebook” or “twitter” ids.

Then you can create a mob or group, if you have not created yet.

 Micromobs: Group messaging application

Creation of mob consists of the following as in the below screen.

 Micromobs: Group messaging application 1. Pick a mob or group name, you want to create.
2. pick a mob url. It will be of the form, your privacy.
4.choose  micromobs.com/mob/
3. Select mob type.
5. describe your mob.
and Create.

Then you can invite some friends to your mob or group..

 Micromobs: Group messaging application

You can invite people using e-mail or invite contacts via the addressbook. You can also add a personal message to the friends request.

You can also browse other mobs if they have public access.

Isn’t it Simple for groups, if you want to keep messages to yourself. Keep mobbing!!

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