Caret Browsing in Google Chrome

If you have already read my earlier posts on Caret Browsing in Internet Explorer and Firefox, you might be wondering, how to do it in Google Chrome. As it is very simple in IE and FF, to do Caret Browsing, by just pressing F7, and press again to turn it off, that option does not work in Google Chrome.

Presently I’m working with Chrome 5.0.360.0 version. I have found a little tweak on how to do Caret Browsing in Google Chrome.

  • First, select a word or two of the text you want to select using mouse.
  • Then, leave the mouse button and using SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW (or)SHIFT + DOWN ARROW, you can select text using keyboard. That simple, but little tedious than IE or FF.

That simple!!!

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    @Anonymous: How can you call this crap, as it is very useful tip if you can't select text using mouse! Anyhow each one has his own views!