SEO: “Page Rank Checker” Extension for Google Chrome

One of the major advantages of using Firefox is their add-ons. Well, Google Chorme has come up with extensions, similar to that of Firefox add-ons. Now as i digg into these extensions I find several good of them from this extensions site for Google Chrome.

There are several SEO tools in the market and one of the important tool would be, finding the page rank (PR) of the webpage you are visiting. Well for novice readers, PR is google’s way of giving a webpage a rank or relevance from 1 to 10, with 1 being lowest and 10 being highest. Though you can use Google Toolbar and other websites for checking the webpage page rank (PR), I find Google Toolbar annoying and for checking on websites , it seems very laborious cutting and pasting in the url of the website you are visiting.

Different Google Chrome Page Rank Checker Extensions:

  1. PR Extension by “kalehrishi”

Here comes a Google Chrome extension, by which you can automatically view the page rank (PR) of a webpage. Download this Page Rank Tool Checker for Google Chrome. Otherwise, you can go to the homepage of the Google Chrome extensions and do a search for PageRank. It is the “PageRank” extension by “kalehrishi”. After installing you will see a small icon on the Google Chrome toolbar.

 SEO: “Page Rank Checker” Extension for Google Chrome

So now whenever you browse a webpage, its PR is automatically updated as an icon status.


  1.  Kuber PageRank Checker by “polopie”

This handy SEO tool shows you the Google PageRank of webpages beside the address box.The PageRank value is cached locally, so it doesn’t have to hit the server every time you switch tab. Moreover, click the icon in the popup window provides extensive information about web sites traffic – instantly find out how popular a web site is, its rank, and how fast it is growing.


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