Browse Firefox Faster: Speed Up using Firetune extension

Do you want to configure Firefox for faster speed and browser the internet faster.

Use Firetune for Firefox 1.2.0.

Majority of the internet browsers are using Internet Explorer(IE) and Firefox(FF) these days. But are you aware, they are not able to browse the internet with full speed or performance. Though there are many tricks to increase the speed of browsing in these browsers (IE and FF), this trick will help you to increase speed and browse Firefox faster.

You can tweak your Firefox settings manually using “about:config” to optimize Firefox and run faster. This will take up another 30 mintues of your time.

It is a portable tool for Windows only, just extract the content from the zip file, open the folder, and hit FireTune executable file. You can also optimize Firefox portable using this tool, hit “Settings”, select Type Of Firefox, and choose Firefox Portable. ( as you can see in the Fig, option 1)

 Browse Firefox Faster: Speed Up using Firetune extensionNext using option 2 in the Fig, just backup your configuration of your Firefox.  This is in case something goes wrong. If something goes wrong, you use the “Restore original configuration” button.

On the main window, you will find the “Performance optimizations” tab. In this tab, you need to select your “computer speed” and “internet connection speed”. Just as you can see in option 3 in the Fig above, I selected “Fast computer/Slow connection”.

You have other tabs like “Other optimizations” and “Other useful settings” where you can, enable caching of objects served over a secure connection(SSL) and display an error page instead of an error message box, turning on/off autocomplete for URLs, and optimizing Firefox memory usage respectively.

When all settings are done, hit Tune It! to apply the configuration. Now you will observe your Firefox to be faster than before.  If you don’t feel a difference you can try out a different CPU/Internet speed configuration.

According to the CNET review,

The application allows users to "tune" their Firefox by choosing from a list that includes information about how fast your computer and connection is. We tried "Fast Computer, Slower Connection," because we are using a new laptop with a DSL connection. We didn’t notice any obvious changes in the performance of Firefox on our computer when we used this program, versus usage of Firefox without it. This add-on might be useful to users with slower computers and connections.

Well I found mine, to increase speed and perform a little better. So better try than leaving without trying.

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