iPad Cons Review: Cover Flow

Cover Flow is a patented feature of Apple appearing in Mac OS, iPhone, iPods, iTunes etc.

But is this feature available with iPad? NO! is the big answer.

This seems to be a disadvantage to many of the users of new Apple iPad device. This adds to the already cons list of iPad.

Cover Flow shows the contents of a folder for e.g in iTunes as a series of large thumbnails floating on a black background. You browse through them by flicking from one side to another – the floating stack shifts and displays the next item as you go.It can be very useful when you want to find a particular image inside a small group, but when you’re looking at large numbers of files the flicking back-and-forth can get tiresome.

The Cover Flow view in iTunes application can be seen here.

 iPad Cons Review: Cover Flow Due to lack of this feature, many users seem to be disappointed, just as in this forum.

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