How to Disable Hibernation in Windows 7

If you missed my earlier post about enabling hibernation in Windows 7, please look at it. It contains the basic of starting an elevated command prompt window in Windows 7 etc. Now once you have enabled Hibernate, you find it is hogging space as yours is 10 GB drive. So what do you do? Just disable Hibernate.

How do you do this?

  1. Open Elevated Command Prompt Window.
  2. In the elevated command prompt window, type   “powercfg –h off”.
  3. Open Power Options to change the advanced power settings, and expand Sleep and Hibernate.

 How to Disable Hibernation in Windows 7

This will totally remove Hibernate from your Start Menu or Shut Down menu. You also gain a free space as hiberfile.sys which takes lot of memory is not there. Though this is useful for less space disks, people having a large disk should enable Hibernation, as this is useful and good feature.

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