What are the iPad Features: Review

Most of you have come to know about the recent product launch of Apple, the iPad. It is a killer application which is like a large iPod or iPhone, as many feel it. It can be used as a gaming device and a internet device. It is better than a netbook, but it’s competitiveness with laptop is yet to be seen.

Most of the iPhone applications can be run on iPad. About 1000+ applications are already released with the launch of the product.The most important features is the thumb-scrolling. All you need to browse is use your thumb. Just use your left and right thumb to browse the net, just as you scroll with your mouse.

The battery life is supposed to be 10hrs.

The important features of the iPad are:

Safari, Mail, Photos, Videos, YouTube, iPod, iTunes, AppStore, iBooks, Maps, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, HomeScreen, Spotlight Search, Accessibility, iWork, KeyNote, Pages, Numbers etc.

Safari : iPad is the best way to experience the net. You can view pages in portrait or lanscape mode on the large multi-touch screen. As you tilt the iPad into any of these modes, the pages automatically rotate. Just as i said before, let the fingers or thumb do the surfing.

 What are the iPad Features: Review

 What are the iPad Features: Review

Mail : The mail application in iPad is nothing like the usual. You can do a split-screen view and the expansive onscreen keyboard, lets you use mail very conveniently.

 What are the iPad Features: Review

Photos : A life-like LED-backlit IPS display makes photos viewing, out of the world experience. You can open albums with tap and flip through photos with fingers. Share your photos and do a slideshow.

Videos : The 9.7 inch resolution make iPad the best gadget for viewing videos, watching HD movies, TV shows, podcasts, music videos etc.

YouTube : With the YouTube application tailored for iPad, it makes YouTube videos to find easier on iPad. The video appears full screen when you tap on the video.

 What are the iPad Features: Review 

iPod & iTunes : The iPad just behaves what you want your iPod to be. Browse your songs, play them, browse by song, album, genre or composer,  with the touch of a finger.If you prefer some private listening, connect wired or Bluetooth wireless headphones, and it’s just you, your favorite tunes, and fantastic sound.

iBooks : The best part of iPad is the iBooks. You have enjoyable feeling like a book, when you read on iPad.  When you tap the iBooks icon, your bookshelf appears. You can even flip the pages as if it is a book. Also, the reading experience is great.

 What are the iPad Features: Review  What are the iPad Features: Review

iWork : The common application of the Mac, the iWork is available in iPad. You can create great looking presentations, spreadsheets, pages and numbers. But the iWord apps are sold separately. This is a drawback, as you need to shell money for new apps.

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