How to Update Microsoft Offline using AutoPatcher

Ever had problem installing Microsoft updates? Well, if you have formatted your OS several times this problem is common. Every time you need to install all the updates again, through Microsoft update which is a time taking process. If you felt, you can download all the updates offline to your hard drive and install from your local location, it would feel wonderful. Well, for this reason there is simple solution to the problem.

You need a software called “Autopatcher” which downloads all the Microsoft Windows-Critical updates, Microsoft-Recommended updates, Microsoft – Updated components, Office updates etc. It even downloads Java Runtime Environment, Adobe etc.

Download Autopatcher

Once, downloaded run the software. You will have a “Autopatcher” folder in your hard disk. You have a userguide inside it called “Autopatcher.pdf”. It gives clear instructions on how to install all the Microsoft updates.

Run Autopatcher Updater – apup.exe. This will be in the following folder.


Choose which Autopatcher Releases to download.

 How to Update Microsoft Offline using AutoPatcher

Upon running apup.exe you will be presented with a list of AutoPatcher releases that you have the option of down-loading. By default, AutoPatcher updater, AutoPatcher
Engine, and the Windows operating system you are running will be checked. Choosing “Next” will begin the download process. Depending on your download speed and the pack(s) you have chosen, the download will take awhile.

Run Autopatcher – autopatcher.exe

You now have all the files to run AutoPatcher on your computer. At this time, you may burn all the files and folders below to a CD/DVD or flash drive to update multiple computers. When you are ready to proceed, run autopatcher.exe.

 How to Update Microsoft Offline using AutoPatcher Note – Make sure to copy/burn all folders and files when migrating AutoPatcher to removable media.

Choose Updates and Install

Wait… Wait… Wait… Then Reboot.

You will be presented with the progress of AutoPatcher installing your updates. Feel free to leave your computer while AutoPatcher installs the updates. Depending on the amount of updates you have chosen, this may take more than an hour to install. If a reboot is required, AutoPatcher will give you 30 seconds to cancel.

Some updates require certain prerequisites before installing. In order to ensure that you have all updates, run AutoPatcher again.

Updates in Blue – Detected by AutoPatcher as already installed
Updates in Black – Detected by AutoPatcher as not installed

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