How to Synchronize Xmarks Profile in Google Chrome

I installed the Xmarks extension for Google Chrome from the following link.

Install Xmarks on Chrome

For people who have not heard of Xmarks, it is an online bookmarking tool which i have posted about it in my earlier posts. Once you bookmark your links, it is often necessary to sync those bookmarks with another computer or to another browser. Well, Xmarks does it in a neat fashion. It works on IE,FF,Safari,Chrome. Opera is the only exception.

So, Today I am going to tell you how to synchronize your profile in “Xmarks” in Google Chrome. The steps are as follows.

Right click on the Xmarks button in Chrome and select options.

 How to Synchronize Xmarks Profile in Google Chrome You will shown the following window.

 How to Synchronize Xmarks Profile in Google Chrome Select “Profiles” from the top. Now click “Change Profile” button. You will be asked your Xmarks, username and password. Enter it. Now select your profile. As you can see, I’ve selected my profile “Home”. Now goto “Status” in the menu and “Synchronize”. Hurray, all your bookmarks in your desired profile will be updated with the Chrome bookmarks.

Note: If you don’t know what a profile is, it is nothing but a list where you can store your bookmarks. So at “Work” you store different bookmarks and at “Home” you store a different list of bookmarks. So when you synchronize that particular profile, only those bookmarks will be updated which are in that particular profile.

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