Cons of iPad : Some facts and reviews

I’ve already done the iPad specification review, which is mostly the details of iPad. But inspite of all the good Apple iPad reviews, the question still to be asked is “Is it still Worth It?”

 Cons of iPad : Some facts and reviews

According to Shane Richmond on his website, he finds some cons of iPad. Well, it is a sort of review of reviews of Apple iPad.

  • The first impression of technologists or techies is “How am i going to do some serious work?” with this larger version of iPod or iPhone. But ordinary folks seem to be simply impressed by its features and reviews.
  • Also if somebody owns the laptop and a smartphone, why do you need another device for computing? Many people tend to shun the idea of many devices in one place.
  • iPad is irritating to type when its held in portrait style, while its good in its side, the landscape mode.
  • iPad books are good to read on iPad alone. When you try to import them on other devices, such as iPhone, you can’t read them. Also the screen is hard to read in low light.
  • The email program in iPad lacks the ability to create local folders or rules for auto-sorting messages, and it doesn’t allow group addressing.
  • The browser lacks tabs. And the Wi-Fi-only version lacks GPS.
  • iPad’s screen lacks wide-screen dimensions, so you either get black bars above or below wide-screen videos, or, if you choose an option to fill the screen, some of the picture may get cut off.
  • The iPad lacks some of the features—such as a physical keyboard, a Webcam, USB ports and multitasking—that most laptop or netbook users have come to expect.
  • Why do one want an iPad? When its battery’s gone you can’t change it. You have to buy a new iPod – OK, at a discount, but you’re still locked in to Apple in every way they can figure.
  • The fact that you won’t find a single port, USB, or otherwise, tells you that this product is not meant to be a full-fledged computer, or the substitute for one. From the features of it, it looks like an accessory to a computer, just like a tablet.
  • It is worth noting that the iPad can be used as a browsing tool, gaming zone gadget and all the glossy features. But it still lacks the powerful computing features of a desktop or a laptop, with their high end capabilities.
  • Can we install all our technical software? I’m not sure.
  • The iPad does not come up with the specifications of RAM!! So can we increase the RAM?
  • It is not multi-tasking, so are we going to wait all the time when we give a 10 page print out, for the task to be complete. Unlike in our day-to-day computer, where they are multi-tasking, all you need is click a “Print” button and do your work.

According to the review of Tim Gideon,

  • Apple expects you to use e-mail and syncing to shuttle files and documents between the iPad and your computer.
  • If the iPad is using the same PowerVR SGX 535 as in the 3GS, it can render about 28 million polygons/second, which is more powerful than the Qualcomm Snapdragon found in devices like the HTC HD2, but is well behind the muscle of Samsung’s latest handheld graphics hardware.

According to Julie review, in her comments section there is an interesting comment.

Paul April 8, 2010 at 7:19 amWhile I’m planning on getting an 3G iPad, I am concerned about scratching the screen. On my 3GS, when my cat knocked it off the couch and on to a wooden floor, I have a deep scratch; so deep, you can feel it with your fingernail. Yes, the screens are durable but not unscratchable.

  • So is it vulnerable to cats, dogs and for that case children. It is so sleek and lightweight that you can place it anywhere, where your children can catch it. Is it strong enough?
  • One of the biggest disappointments in the iPad is the lack of native handwriting recognition. When most of us think “slate tablet” our minds immediately wander to Microsoft Windows Tablet PCs from the last five years or so. One of the big draws in these systems is the inking capability and the stellar handwriting recognition that converts the written word to searchable text in the background

The typing experience well, some say is easier and some find it difficult without a keyboard, see for yourself. Here is a picture how you type on a iPad.

 Cons of iPad : Some facts and reviews

As a bottom line it costs $499. I can buy a laptop for this price in my country India. So is it really worth it?


Here are just a few more things that you won’t find on the Apple tablet:

- No camera: There is no front-facing camera for video conferencing, and there is no back-facing camera for taking photos. This is a major omit from the device. Hell, most netbooks and smartphones have a camera or two.

- No multitasking: You cannot run multiple apps at the same time. To make this a useful device, it needs to be able to do things like run while tweeting. This is one we hope Apple will fix with a future iPhone OS update, but for now it can’t run multiple apps.

- No HDMI Output: You can’t plug your iPad into your TV.

- No USB port: You can’t plug in your favorite keyboard into the device…or anything else, really. It will plug into your computer via the same cord you charge iPhones and iPod touches with.


  • No for you as it requires Flash 10.0.22 to play anything on Hulu. This is because iPad does not allow Flash Player in it.
  • It does not have forward facing web camera capability and desktop widgets. These two things alone would be enough for me to buy a comparable competing product.

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