How to Make Windows XP Perform Faster

Windows 7 is out and most people are talking about it. But XP still is the most stable and simple OS working in the universe. Now sometimes, you find that XP runs slower or your window menus are delayed in opening or you feel XP is dizzy. Well I tried a product and it worked wonderful for me. Although I cannot put any statistics how fast XP works using this product, but from gut feeling, it looked my XP running is faster.

The steps are as follows.

Download the following product from this homepage. You can try the evaluation version or buy the full version.

Download or Buy Advanced Registry Doctor

Otherwise, you can download a “pirated” version from or any torrent site.

Just install the software and run the program. The homepage of the product says this about the registry.

The registry is one of the most essential components of Windows OS, critical to proper functioning of any PC computer. Unfortunately, as more and more programs gets installed and then removed, the registry becomes more like a digital dump, full of incorrect shortcuts, invalid extensions, and missing entries, which dramatically hinders computer performance.

This version of software looks through the following data for possible “registry spoilers”: application paths, uninstall information, COM/ActiveX objects, help files, file extensions, font files, most recently used files list, shared DLLs and folders, startup applications, Windows/MS-DOS Shortcuts. The automatic cure options means that any person, regardless of his or her PC literacy level can solve registry problems by simply pressing a button. Advanced users can opt to make registry changes manually.

The main point of using ARD is that it will do the entire job for you; you just have to select which problems to search (categories) and HDD list, which will be used by the program for finding solutions. Usually you’ll have to use ARD when new program is installed/removed.

So, first clean the registry with this product.

 How to Make Windows XP Perform Faster To do this, do a “Scan” and the product searches for all the problems in the registry. If you are PC novice, select “All Categories” from the list. Use the “Repair Categories” option from the menu and clean the registry. Wow, the registry is cleaned.


You have an “optimization option” in the menu. Since I’ve already optimized, it show a different option in the picture. For you, a different message is displayed. Click that button and your windows is optimized. Well, for me this button simply made my Windows XP run faster.

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