Windows 7 download: Best 30 HD wallpapers

If you haven’t downloaded Windows 7 and not working on it, you’re really missing something from microsoft. Well, Oct 22 has come and gone, and Windows 7 is being universally released as a final release. Many new laptops and computers are loaded with Windows 7. But as every time, microsoft comes up with only a few wallpapers.

So it is time for us to download new wallpapers from torrents. As you already know i’m a big fan of, which is a wonderful site to download licensed software applications. Though this is piracy, it is still useful if you have no money like me. I came through a nice torrent on this site, which has 30 wonderful and classic HD wallpapers for Windows 7

Download: Best Windows 7 2010 HD wallpapers

If you want to have a preview of all these wallpapers, you can have a look  here.

But one restriction of the use of is you need to have a torrent client like Utorrent. This you can download easily searching the internet.

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