Uninstall Windows 7 Dual Boot : Pragmatic Solution

If you have installed the new Windows 7 on your pc and found that it is not to your liking, here is a solution to uninstall it. According to microsoft, there are many ways of installing windows 7 on your system.

  1. You installed Windows 7 as a new installation over an earlier version of Windows
  2. You installed Windows 7 on a computer that did not have an operating system installed
  3. You upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7
  4. You have a multiboot system that has Windows 7 installed

Out of these, I’m going to explain how to uninstall your windows 7 on a dual boot system.

If you are running a xp windows 7 dual boot or windows 7 vista dual boot you might be able to safely remove Windows 7 from the computer, depending on how the computer is set up.

To do this, you need to format the partition containing Windows 7, or delete it entirely. This allows the earlier operating system to reclaim the disk space.

Before you begin, you should back up your programs, files, and settings. Formatting or deleting a partition deletes all of the data on the partition.

Microsoft issues some warnings, in this issue.

  • Don’t format or delete the earlier version of Windows in a multiboot configuration. Doing so could render your computer inoperable. This is because the computer uses the startup files from the earliest version of Windows that is installed on the computer.
  • If the earlier version of Windows was somehow installed after Windows 7 was installed on the computer, deleting Windows 7 in this case could render the computer inoperable.

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