Gmail! Stop adding contacts automatically

Gmail has now come out of Beta stage after a long period of 5 years along with a other services. But still, it keeps coming with more new features each day.  A week back, I was terrified with the clutter of e-mail addresses in my contacts. Every time I send a single mail to a forum or company, that mail also gets added to my contacts. But recently Gmail, gave choice to its users to stop automatically adding contacts.

Google has now created a new category, "Suggested contacts," that falls under "My Contacts." Anyone who is e-mailed will end up in Suggested Contacts, but users now have the option of letting Gmail automatically move those addresses to their main contact list or not at all. If the user lets Gmail decide, those addresses which a person has e-mailed five or more times will end up in the main contacts list. If that option is not selected, addresses in Suggested Contacts will still auto-complete, Grol wrote.

First go to  Settings —> Chat on opening the mail. You can see the screen just as below.

 Gmail! Stop adding contacts automatically

Then select the “Only allow people that I’ve ………” option and save. This will disallow people to get automatically added to your contact list.

Click on “Contacts” on the left pane. You should see the below screen under “My Contacts” on the right pane. Click on “View Suggestions”.

 Gmail! Stop adding contacts automatically

Now you can see your “Suggested Contacts” . Check whichever contacts you need to add to “My Contacts” and click the “Move to my Contacts” button on right side. If you click “Ignore” these are not added to your contacts, but these still displayed in your auto-complete options

 Gmail! Stop adding contacts automatically

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