Rhapsody! Play song continuously without buffering problems

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I have already suggested a tip on how to play some streaming applications without buffering problems. You can check the article here. Drop out or Buffering problems. But still I face problems here and then now. So here is a trick for Rhapsody to play your song continuously.

Well, if you don’t know what rhapsody is, you can check the download here. Rhapsody. Rhapsody is a music player where you can find millions of songs to play. But this player is to be downloaded first, which is for US users only. So there is a work around, if you’re a non-US user. Download HOTSPOT shield or use any working US proxy and download the software. After downloading the software, you can register an user account with a valid email address. But there is a limit for free users, of 25 songs per month. So if you want to listen more songs, you need to create more accounts. That simple!! So that ends the Rhapsody introduction.

But now the problem is, sometimes with low bandwidth connection like mine of 192 Kbps, you cannot hear the complete song without breaks. So there is no option to change the buffer size or cache for the full song to download completely. So the only option is to play you desired song and pause it. When you pause and wait, the song buffers completely and later, when you play again,  you can hear the song at one go or completely. This is the only way I found how to listen to a song without break-ups or interruptions.

 Rhapsody! Play song continuously without buffering problems

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