Windows 7! Libraries – A new feature…

Everyone who worked on Vista and XP, find a problem of opening, frequently finding or saving to some commonly used folders. Every time, you need to manually go through all the directories to open or save to folders. Well, Windows 7 has come up with a nice feature to stop this tiresome work with a concept called “Libraries”. The use of this feature can be extended to “search” functionality as well. But the most advantage I found is, when saving web pages to a commonly used folder. In Win XP, i had to pass through all the directories and then reach my destination. Now in Win7, just click on the Library and the file saves to the default save location. So here are the steps to use the Libraries.

 Windows 7! Libraries – A new feature…

  • Open MyComputer (or) Explorer.
  • On the left side, you see Libraries.
  • To create a new Library, right click on Libraries and New —> Library.

Once the Library is created, you can include the commonly used folders to that library. To include a folder in a library, there are many ways.

Just right click the library and select properties.

 Windows 7! Libraries – A new feature…

  • Click on “Include a folder…” button  to include a folder of your choice.
  • If you add multiple folders, you can select a default save location, using “set save location” button.
  • The locations of the folders can be external hard drive, network, USB flash  drive, removable media (CD or DVD) etc. But the folders will only be visible if you have access to them.
  • Also if you delete a library, only the library get deleted and NOT THE FILES OR FOLDERS.
  • If you delete the default libraries, you can get it using “Restore default libraries”

You can also include a folder in a library, by right clicking a folder and selecting “Include in folder” and choose the library you want.

Now if you want to save a webpage or document, choose the save location as the library you want and the page gets saved to the default folder of the library.

Problem: One problem i faced is, when i choose an alternate folder to save, than the default folder, the save location automatically takes me to the first folder in that particular folder. So, instead of saving to the required folder, i end up saving to a subfolder in the required folder.  Windows 7! Libraries – A new feature…

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