Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)! Open tabs faster

Well, at last, Microsoft admits to the sluggish nature of IE8 with some users and though it does give directions to rectify the situation, it does point out some sugestions. IE8 still claimed my Microsoft as the fastest browser, due to its technology, has to still solve some issues.

As to my update, IE8 problems, you can view the suggestions given by Microsoft for IE8 problems. Another article, I found was from MSDN blogs, where it gives an idea on how to control the add-ons. Skype add-on seems to be a culprit for most users and Microsoft is working on IE8 staff and Skype people to solve the issue. Also there is a comment from Frank Olivier (MS) on this issue.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009 8:30 PM by Frank Olivier [MS]


"Remove the ‘MS Research’ addon."

Some users do use this – it still works icon smile Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)! Open tabs faster if you want to uninstall it: Open ‘Add/remove programs’, Select Office 2007, Pick the ‘Change’ option, and then (in the big list of office components) uncheck the "Office Tools – Research Explorer Bar" component.

You can uninstall the Office "Discuss" IE add-on in the same way.

"Sonic Drive Letter Access"

Internet Explorer 8 does not load any version of Sonic DLA – we confirmed in IE8Beta1 that this should not be loaded in IE.

"Send to OneNote"

I haven’t heard of any issues with this add-on, but I will have my team investigate – thanks for the feedback.

So follow the above suggestions and remove the unnecessary features of Microsoft Office or disable irrelevant add-ons. Also try to disable the web traffic protecting features of security software, to improve the performance of Internet Explorer 8(IE8) and open the tabs faster. I am using Kaspersky Internet Security 2009, and disabled the following as in screenshot.

 Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)! Open tabs faster

After these tweaks, like removing the  MS Research, Discuss, Send to OneNote add-on and disabling some items in my security software, I was able to open my tabs quickly. Initially the 1st and 2nd tabs, take some time, while tabs from 3rd one onwards open fast.


As mentioned above, removing or disabling certain add-ons will improve the loading time of new tabs. These are some more add-ons on disabling will increase the opening speed of IE8 tabs.

1. Java(tm) Plug-In 2 SSV Helper

Windows Live related add-ons.

1. Windows Live  Sign-in Helper.

2. Windows Live Upload Tool

3. Windows Live Sign-in Control.

4. Windows Live.

As previously discussed removing or disabling the DISCUSS and RESEARCH add-ons, also found to increase the speed (I personally removed these through Microsoft Office add or remove feature).

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