Rhapsody, Last.FM, YouTube etc- Drop out, Buffering problems – Play continously.

Problem: Audio or Video Streaming Problems
Solution: Check your latency with "DPC Latency Checker"  and see that the DPC latency is within limits. Otherwise follow this article,
Possibly Solving Audio or Video Streaming Drop Out Problem, to solve it out. Then remove any USB cables or devices and reboot and re-plug it. That’s it, that should solve the problem, as i hope so.

People living in the USA, have a great way of listening to music for free through options like Rhapsody, Pandora, etc. I would love to be a US citizen simply for this reason, but the practical aspects are too overwhelming to be one. OK. Coming to the point, I listen to these free services using proxy tools like NotMyIP, HotSpotShield etc but these proxy services don’t come with full bandwidth utilization.But for music lovers outside USA, Last.FM is a good option, though it recently has been put a 30 song limit for each account, just like Rhapsody which has a 25 song limit. But by creating new accounts with different e-mails, you can circumvent this problem very easily.

Initially when I was listening to Rhapsody and Last.FM, it was continuous streaming without any buffering or drop out problems. But later somehow down the line, there was break in both Last.FM, Rhapsody streaming continuously. My mother used to tease me , for that kind of music!! Hmm. But as a great man said, "Patience is a virtue", I just waited and waited, and finally the problem just like the others solved itself.

How? Like This!! I came through an article on Raymond.cc, solving Audio or Video streaming errors, and checked my Windows 7 with the tool "DPC Latency Checker". I found that, the DPC latency is within limits and so shouldn’t have any problems. Then I checked my Rhapsody and Last.FM software to see that the streaming is without problems.

So what did I do? I think I have unplugged my USB cables and devices and re-plugged them. Hope this was what solved my buffering or drop-out problems. Also I see that my YouTube is also streaming well, with less drop outs. You can see how my Rhapsody player is playing in this screenshot. As for my configuration of bandwidth, I use 192 Kbps connection.

 Rhapsody, Last.FM, YouTube etc  Drop out, Buffering problems – Play continously.

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