Windows 7, Vista : Boot Error


File: /Boot/BCD
Status: 0xc000009
Info: An unexpected I/O  error has occurred.



Anybody dual booting with Win XP on one drive and Vista or Windows 7 on another drive might have faced this error. I will first explain how I think I got this error.
I was taking a few pictures of my sister with a cell phone and wanted to upload them to my computer. So I connected my blue tooth dongle to my PC and using Bluetooth technology, I wanted to upload them. But my sister was in a hurry, so she wanted her phone back. In a hurry i removed the blue tooth dongle, which was attached as an USB.

Later,  I was doing some partitioning to my drive , resizing, moving and merging partitions. Then, when i tried to reboot into Windows 7 I failed . So I inserted the Win 7 RC DVD and tried to repair. But what i got is the above error.

So I thought that the time has come for another format and left that issue for sometime. Today when I googled I luckily found a solution.

Remove any USB drives connected to your computer. Insert your Vista or Win 7 DVD and try to do a repair. Luckily for me, it restored the Win 7 version and saved a lot of time..

Hip, Hip, Hurray Microsoft ! Thanks once again. Also this proves the performance improvement in Windows 7.You can look at my drives configuration in the below screenshot.

 Windows 7, Vista : Boot Error

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  • Nikkibishop88

    ok my uncle has a computer that say the same exact thing also he has no disk to repair it with. And so i told him to go into the main database and try to re-boot from there and it wont let him. which I though it was weird, but anyways what should he do?

    • Admin

      Try to remove all your USB devices and do a COLD start! Otherwise, you can also check if you removed any USB devices previously and attach them again and re-boot! Let me know if this solves the problem!

  • Anonymous

    I bumbed in too this error to and I observed what i had to do to restor a proper boot, I had to reconect my Mp4 to my PC's USB and then reboot and the problem was solved for the moment. The error apered every time I disconected the Mp4.

    P.S. Sry for my bad english, I am romanian :P
    Scar is my NICK

  • Sredhar

    Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for the comment. Well, I got this error, when i accidently removed a pen drive while in operation. So i suggest, you remove all the attached USB devices to your CPU and then to a COLD start. Hope this helps.

  • Kelly

    I upgraded from XP to Vista Home Premium. Computer was working fine until I was downloading and installing an MS patch and the computer hung. Had to do a COLD BOOT and afterward Windows Boot Manager said
    file: Windowssystem32configsystem ststus
    status: 0x00000e9
    info: Windows failed to load because the system registry file is missing, or corrupt.

    Used the Vista CD in an effort to repair but the OS doesn't show up.

    How did you get to this screen capture?