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I have not updated the blog for some days now, as i was busy in getting my domain control details, for my domain . I initially bought from Then later due to their poor service, i needed to buy another domain i.e Why so much time you ask? That is the way with Indian companies. First of all i had problem with a website called and now its Both are such a unreliable service companies, that, i lost my confidence on these online companies.I applied for my domain with on 26th may and today after several complaints and requests, phone calls and chats, i got my domain control panel. Whew! At last they provided one. I recommend any web user —not to– use services of I already blogged about the fraudulent behavior of .Ok. That is what I’ve been doing for the past 1 week. So you want to know what i have been doing. Then tweet me on’ll soon provide a twitter link for this blog). Also this article relates to it.

Now , in between i found some time to test some software for my Win XP platform. Though I’m using the Win 7 RC too, i am still skeptical about the XP software to use them, after i learnt that TuneUp 2009 does not work on it.

Twhirl! One of the mostly used twitter desktop clients, as i found on an article related to Twitter. One of the features of this client is that , you can connect to multiple Twitter accounts. You can also connect to, Friendfeed and Seismic accounts also. To install Twhirl, you need to install Adobe AIR first. This can be installed from the twhirl homepage itself.

1. Very simple client.
2. Does not take too much resources.
3. Just delivers what you need.

1. Takes time in displaying your tweets.
2. There is no option to start with windows.
3. You cannot search people as you do in Twitter.
4. TweetDeck offers a better GUI.
Here you can check video tutorial prepared by me.


During April 2008, captured data on 37,248 tweets over a 24 hour period.Below is the results of their survey.

S.No Twitter Client % Users No. of Tweets
1 Web 56% 20,734
2 IM 8% 2,975
3 Twhirl 7% 2,754
4 Twitterrific 7% 2,462
5 TXT 5% 1,683

Later, in Feb 2009, came up with 21 top twitter clients and studied the survey using Compete.To differentiate between the mobile and desktop clients, it used Twitstat. The results are as following.

Rank Client % of users Tweets/user
1 Web 31.99% 3.93
2 TweetDeck 16.07% 5.14
3 Twhirl 6.85% 3.73
4 Twitterfeed 6.09% 2.81
5 Tweetie 3.66% 2.38
6 TwitterBerry 3.50% 2.20

As a bottom line, we can say that though Twhirl is being run over by TweetDeck, we can see that Twhirl still hold its 7% share of Twitter users. Also, the Web users considerably decreased from last year to this year.


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