TuneUp 2009 on Win 7! Beware

One of the best utilities i like in Win XP is TuneUp Utilites. The recent 2009 version was a real boost in interface, performance and the tweaks. When I tested the initial release 2009, it could not automatically resolve some problems. But this problem was solved in the latest release of 2009. But when I tried to install this application on my PC with configuration, Intel Pentium D, D101 ggc, 1.5 GB DDR1 RAM, it showed the following error.

 TuneUp 2009 on Win 7! Beware

When I checked the help page from the error, which re-directed me to the TUNEUP 2009 support page, it showed me that TUNEUP 2009 really does not support Win 7 yet.Hmm. Now I thought, that i should have checked this page first and then should have tried installing it. But Good Luck happened! Nothing got disturbed. So Happy!

 TuneUp 2009 on Win 7! Beware

Update – 28/04/2010

Now TuneUp Utilities is working on Windows 7 as well. But it is not 2009, but the new version TuneUp Utilities 2010 works on it. Here, you can find TuneUp Utilities 2010 + Keygen.

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