Anti Virus for Windows 7

Everybody needs an anti-virus for their OS. These days, Anti-virus companies come up with Internet Security, Total Protection and Anti-Virus options.. If you’re like a Home user like me, better stick with Anti-Virus option and use the Spyware Search & Destroy, MalwareBytes Anti Malware with it. (This is from my experience). I tried BitDefender Internet Security and wow!! it slowed down my PC. So better stick with minimal options..Ok coming to Windows 7 Anti-Virus options. The Microsoft web page says that these are the following Anti-Virus that Windows 7 RC(released on May 5th, 2009) supports.

    • F-Secure


  • Trend Micro



  • Kaspersky



  • McAfee



  • AVG



  • Panda



  • Norton.


I don’t know whether they all really work. I installed Kasperky AV version and it really works. The update feature is also working. Also I’m able to use the latest versions of Spyware Search & Destroy, MalwareBytes Anti Malware.

For the official Windows 7 news about the Anti-virus news check it here.

 Anti Virus for Windows 7

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  • Tony McGurk

    Hi & thanks for visiting my comic site. I had Kaspersky installed on my PC when it still had Vista after a virus got in & nearly killed it. I was previously using the free Commodo Internet Security which didn’t block the damaging virus. I haven’t had any problems with Kaspersky & no virus problems since