Windows 7 RC and Xmarks

Many people using Firefox, might be using Foxmarks Add-on for saving their bookmarks online. Now Foxmarks is also called as Xmarks. It is available for IE also. You can check this website for the download. Now I decided to check Xmarks for IE8 on Windows 7 RC. The installation went fine. But when I tried to synchronize it, I got the error. This is the below screenshot of the same.

 Windows 7 RC and Xmarks

So better test your Xmarks on Windows 7 before you install it and let me know if you have any error while doing sync.

There is a latest release for Xmarks for IE. Xmarks for IE 1.0.11. Last time I had problems with Xmarks sync. So I tested this version on Win 7. Hola! This time it had no problems. You can check this screenshot.

 Windows 7 RC and Xmarks

Check for resolving any problems with Xmarks on this link.

Also you can post any questions on this forum.

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