IE8! Problems

Microsoft has released IE8 and is pushing its Windows users to move from IE6 and IE7 to its new browser. Well, as Microsoft boastfully declares it as the fastest browser, its not without its problems.

Anybody having problem with IE8 starting slowly or saying "Connecting" and taking precious seconds and making you wait. Well , the problem is with any third-party add-ons or any patches you have done to third party software. As long as you use "genuine" software , you will not get any problem. But if you try to mess up the registry like i did with a "fake serial key" for IDM 5.16 and other things, you will get this error. So if you want a clean and happy IE 8 , then don’t try the illegal stuff. Play safe……

Update: According to an article by redmondmag, Microsoft admits that some users of Internet Explorer 8 may find their browser working slow.

The slowness can be a real problem, rather than a perceived one. Microsoft ascribes such problems to browser add-ons, pluggable transfer protocols and non-Microsoft security software, according to an Internet Explorer blog. The culprits are third-party software that bog down IE 8′s performance, Microsoft contends, not the browser itself.

You can also read my latest article on this. Open IE8 tabs faster.

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