Beware of Microsoft Technical Support

Note: This is relevant to people who are using pirated Windows OS or Product keys:

Dear Users of Pirated Windows Software,
This is for your information from my experience. Although Microsoft clearly accepts that out of its 1 billion users of its Windows Software, half are non-genuine or not paid Microsoft for its use, still Microsoft allows loop holes or security flaws to use them genuinely.. Why? Is it the FBI of software?

I once downloaded Windows XP from a torrent website and obtained a "genuine-said" key from that site. Now there was an option to activate your windows through Internet or Phone-Activation. The torrent uploader suggested to activate through phone, so i was trying to experiment how this works. So I phone-activated and hola! it got activated and my XP became genuine.. Huh! Hip! Hip! Hurray.

So what is the advantage! Microsoft Update and Technical Support! Hmm. Interesting isn’t it!!
So I wanted to check the Technical Support. So I forwarded an e-mail request with my problem and my real phone number. I soon got a reply through e-mail for troubleshooting and next day Microsoft technical support member called me to check my problem…I was really thrilled to get an Microsoft member contacting me to giving tips..

Then the real struggle started. He was enquiring about the Product ID and Product key.. details. I gave them just to see whether my Windows genuinity is still valid. Initially it was OK. But next day , he called me and said that my Key is non-genuine and "Microsoft will take legal action if i use their software, and that we have your e-mail id.".. All my thrill now drowned into fear. Oh! What a fool i am to give my real e-mail id and phone number.

Bottom Line: Never use the Microsoft Technical Support team if you are using non-genuine Product or Key.. Anyhow their Support sucks(although their etiquette is good). (This is my personal experience)

Note: For Genuine Microsoft users, technical support from Microsoft can be got as follows.

In Win XP,

1. Start -> Help and Support

2. Click on Support

ms Beware of Microsoft Technical Support

ms1 Beware of Microsoft Technical Support

ms4 Beware of Microsoft Technical Support

You can also access the following Microsoft page for phone numbers.

For India, you can call 1-800-111-100 for Microsoft Toll Free Number and OS Activation.


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